JNews Privacy Statement

JNews is part of a research project developed as part of a post-graduate research degree in the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems within the University of Malta. This research is being done for the sole purpose of the post-graduate degree in question. It has no other links with any other project - commercial or otherwise.

This document informs you of the privacy practices being followed within this portal. First of all, no personal data, or any data which may identify a user is collected. The only data being collected is the user's reading history of news reports on this news portal.

The only cookie used is one which keeps a log of which pages have been visited. The value of this cookie is used to automatically show summaries of the information that a user has already read instead of the corresponding full text. It is also used to render the personalised user services -- namely in determining the `interesting' and the updated reports for that user.

No other data is sent from the browser to the server within this portal.