Tourists can apply for bus card and have it delivered to their home country - operator
Tourists can apply for bus card and have it delivered to their home country - operator
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Information from Sat Jul 11 14:40:51 2015 :

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Tourists planning to visit Malta can apply for their personalised tallinja bus card online and have it delivered to an address outside Malta, Malta Public Transport said.

"All the fares, tickets and cards that came into effect on July 1 are available to anyone irrespective of their place of residence or nationality," the company said. He also pointed out that there are other products available for immediate use which do not require pre-registration or personalisation. These too offer reduced fares when compared to the ticket bought on the bus.

The Explore Cards and the 12 Single Day Journey Card can be purchased by anyone from our ticket booths and other leading outlets.

"We are currently working with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association to have these cards readily available in as many places as quickly as possible,” Mr Grech said.

The Explore 7 Day card offers unlimited travel by bus throughout Malta and Gozo, on all day and night services. It can be used immediately upon purchase and is valid for seven consecutive days from the first validation. The card is valid for one person only and cannot be shared.

This 12 Single Day Journey Card, on the other hand, allows people to travel for 12 journeys on day services or six journeys on night services or a combination of both for €15 This card can be used immediately and may be shared and used more than once on the same bus trip.

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Information from Sun Jul 12 08:42:48 2015 :
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It has been stated that there is no discriminatory pricing with the new bus regime.

However, a system which caters only for individuals with Maltese identity cards in itself is discriminatory, as those without the card are subject to two-tier pricing.

In the UK, a tourist may obtain the Oyster Card for top-ups and in The Netherlands tourists can obtain an OV card. You can also do the same in Spain. t have to jump through hoops to receive it. You simply go to a tube station kiosk or central station in any Dutch city. Once you have your card, you can, if you decide, register it online for credit card top-up.

These simple steps keep people happy and encourage tourism, not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

On another note, I registered seven weeks ago and still have not received my card nor have I received a reply to my inquiry.

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