About JNews

JNews is a system developed as part of a post-graduate research project being carried out by the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems within the University of Malta.

JNews downloads news reports from various sources and news agencies. It categorises them according to the event being reported, and produces a fused report for each event cluster. Thus, a user can read the fused report to get all the details about an event instead of having to read through all the different reports.

Apart from news report fusion, JNews also provides personalised news services. It alerts the user to previously read reports that have been updated since he/she has read them. It also provides links to previously unread news reports that are judged to be interesting for that user. Moreover, it also provides a list of the most popular news reports. In addition to this, JNews allows users to search through the recent news reports using the search box at the top-right of the page.